In Too Deep

Dear Diary,

I am pretty far along in this pregnancy and as the days pass by, my cute little tummy continues to grow. Everyone is all like ooh and aah, but if only they knew the real situation behind it, I wonder if they’re their reaction would be the same…

Jordan is still acting FUNNY AF towards me and I can’t figure out why. He’s not necessarily being mean to me, but he has been distant…. But I can’t overthink that; maybe it’s something going on internally that I don’t quite know about or understand, but how can I know if he doesn’t tell me?

Tell me how lol

Anyway, things with Brandon have kind of settled because I’m pregnant, but he’s still mean as fuck. He still doesn’t know that there’s a strong possiblility possibleity (ugh I hate spelling that word) chance that I’m not carrying his child, but I think I’m going to keep it that way until I deliver and find out how to tell him the news. But, it’s hard considering how far along I am…

Naturally, my mom and Gary don’t know what’s up. The only person I trust with information like that is my girl SAMANTHA… God, I love her so much. I trust her with my life, and I’m certain she feels the same way (but I’ll tell you more about her later).


To make things worse, there’s this guy who’s been hitting me up on Twitter… some guy named Kaiden… but he isn’t hitting on me like these other hornbugs online. He seems cool but you know how these rapper and producer types are. I’m not letting him in…

Nah, not this time… can’t do this shit with these men anymore… Something’s gotta change, and hopefully it’s Jordan’s attitude…

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