Almost Time

Dear Diary,

Today, I went in for my second to last ultrasound and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to meet my little one. He’s growing like a weed and with every kick, our bond grows stronger.


Before I give you the desert, let me give you the veggies….

Throughout this pregnancy, I’ve been ALONE in this. I haven’t had any emotional support from Brandon and Jordan has been more distant than the sun. I’m not sure what to do or think at this point.If it wasn’t for my mom, Gary, and Samantha, truthfully, I may have had an abortion. But… I’m here, still fighting for my little one.

I think I should tell Brandon about my suspicions, but…. well, I’ve told you how he is. I tell him now, and next thing you know, I’ll be six feet under due to his inability to control his anger. :-/

Like I said, Jordan has been so distant that idk what’s going to happen with him; I guess I’m just taking it day-by-day, but I’ll continue to remain strong for my unborn child… he needs me more than these f*ckboys do..


My baby boy is growing beautifully and healthily. It makes me smile every time I think of him and regardless of who’s there, I will always be there for my little guy. I guess pregnancy and motherhood has a way of bringing out the best in women.

And the guy I told you about, Kaiden, idk.. I’m getting a pretty good vibe from him, but you know how these players are…. They’re the masters of pretending…. His profile speaks volumes: single, 0 kids, bachelor’s in music… he’s quite established…

He’s working part-time at a retail store, but he’s looking to start his own company.. He posts links to his production work on soundcloud and a few songs he’s recorded… they’re not bad at all. I’ll let you know what his deal is when I cross that bridge, if ever…

Well, I’m going to go and make myself something to eat before I starve lol

-Christina Parker

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