Finally Free

He sat in the dark as he awaited fate. What did it have in store for him? Was he due a miracle, or was it destined that he remained isolated in what he considered to be the desolate wasteland called life?

The slow sounds of mellow instrumentals echoed through the room, yet it was so silent, you could hear a pin drop.

His skin was feeling dry and brittle and his heart was racing; he felt as though it would break through his skin. He turned off the music and put his pen down. He blew out the candle and laid down. His body began to tremble as he could feel his muscles cramping up. It slowly became harder for him to breathe as he gasped for breath.

The small congested room he was in, seemed to be closing in as his brain and mind started wandering. This was it, and he knew it. He shuddered and shivered as his heartbeat raced, and suddenly began to slow down. With each second that passed by, it became harder and harder for him to breathe, and his muscles became paralyzed. He looked around the room at his belongings.

What need would he have for them?; couldn’t take them with him.

He managed to control his left hand and reached into his pocket and pulled out the money that resided. Approximately 2.75. His eyes began to flutter as he suddenly had a flashback of everything that he’d encountered in his life; every success, every failure, every heartbreak and disappointment.

He wondered if it was really worth it, but he didn’t have much time to think; his time was expiring.

In the next instant, his heart stopped beating, but he was still able to see what was around him… but only for a few seconds; until the oxygen stopped flowing to his brain. His lifeless body laid there; his left hand still holding the money and his right hand holding a crumbled piece of paper.

Now, the only thing that was left to do, was wait. Wait for someone to come and find him as he slowly decomposed..

Would it be too late? ‘Who really cared?’ a question he asked himself on a continuous basis.

But none of that mattered anymore, for he felt he was finally FREE

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