Remember, do you the way that you do, because only you can do you the way that you do...

B.M. Gage

About My Books

All of my books have an inspiration and they all were written at different times of my life. I could have been inspired by what was going on in the world at the time, how I wish things were, life events... any number of things can honestly inspire my works and short stories.

Want to Meet Me?

That may be a little hard to do unless you catch me in your city, but you can keep up with me by following me on all of my social media:


Three of the biggest influences to my work are music, the events occurring in the world, and things that may be occurring in my personal life, but all of my books have an underlying message... Go on and tell me if you can decode the messages in each of the books.

Other Projects

Gage is a master of many crafts. Check out a few of his other projects below:

  • President, Music Director, Program Director
    • Crystal Media Communications
    • The Heat
    • The Soul
  • Web Designer
    • MWAH Inc
    • The Heat
    • The Soul
    • B.M. Gage