The Beginning


So many things can be associated with BEGIN, but long story short, let’s say ‘begin’ is the start of everything. Everything in life has a beginning (I’m not here to convert atheists into believers), but even the world had to start somewhere. More importantly than everything starting somewhere, everything has a purpose in the world… what’s yours?

The beginning of my writing career spans way back to 3rd and 4th grade. Back then, I wasn’t publishing, but I have always been a creative soul. Fast forward to seventh grade, I published my first work titled “The Million Dollar Game”; the characters from The Richard Young series make an appearance… actually, it was there beginning. If I can find it, I’ll post that story somewhere without making any edits, but I warn you, it’s very rough.

So, how did we get here? Some say fate, some say destiny, but me, I say it’s because I have a passion for writing, and I honestly use it as an escape. I don’t necessarily write for others; I write for me. It just so happens that I have fans that enjoy my work and they want more, so I give the fans exactly what they want.

I encourage you to find what makes you happy and what has made you happy from the very start. That one thing that makes you happy and has always made you happy, is your passion.

Find your craft, work on it, perfect it, and make it a reality. If you think things aren’t going the way they should, keep working at it… it’s only the beginning…

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