Trapped: The Untold Stories, “Just A Friend”

Kaiden stood in the hotel room and brushed his hair.

“Alright now,” he laughed to himself. “These things are being stubborn, but these waves are going to cooperate,” he brushed harder.

“You stay in that mirror,” Christina laughed from the other room.
“Don’t judge me,” he laughed.
Christina rose to her feet and walked to the bathroom wearing nothing but a silk robe.
Kaiden looked up and smirked at her.

“You like what you see?” she asked.

“Do I?” he set the brush on the sink. “You’re lucky I don’t eat you up right here,right now,” Kaiden put his hands around her waist.
Christina turned around to face Kaiden. She flipped her hair back and lifted her head.

“Up,” she spoke.
Kaiden lifted her off of her feet and she wrapped her legs around him.
“To the room,” she directed.

Kaiden carried her into the room to the bed.

“Down,” she instructed.
He sat on the bed and Christina straddled him. She lifted her neck and Kaiden began kissing her slowly.
Christina moaned lightly as Kaiden kissed her and his phone illuminated. A text had come through.
Kaiden wasn’t paying much attention but he saw the light from the corner of his eye. Christina saw the light and looked to her left; his right. Her phone illuminated as she looked at his phone. She rolled her eyes as she saw his phone and climbed off of him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.
She picked up her phone, smiled at it, and walked to the bathroom. She closed the door behind her.
Kaiden was confused before seeing that Ari had texted him.

Ari: 🙁 I cant get this right and I need your help

Kaiden raised an eyebrow as he picked up his phone and texted her back.

Kaiden: I got you tomorrow 🙂

He placed the phone down and walked over to the washroom.

“Tina, open the door,” he tried twisting the knob and discovered it was locked.

“Nah, I’m good. Go and text your little friend. She needs you,” Christina gave a sarcastic laugh.

“Here we fucking go,” he uttered.

Christina laughed through the door.“I’m good, bro,” she announced.
Kaiden hit his hand against the door and walked to the bed.
Kaiden laid back on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

“You know Ari is my artist, right?” Kaiden chuckled as he called to the bathroom. “She’s like a little sister to me.”
Christina came out of the washroom smiling at her phone.
She put her phone face-down on the table.

“It’s all good,” she smiled. “I’m not tripping.”

Kaiden was skeptical at how she was acting.
He lept to his feet and grabbed her phone.
Christina reacted as soon as Kaiden jumped up, and she reached for her phone.
“Give me my phone,” she demanded.

As Kaiden held her phone, a text came through.

“Nah, I can’t give this back to you right now.”
“Give me my shit,” she demanded as she reached for it.

Kaiden snatched his hand away and ensured that she couldn’t reach her phone.

He looked at her screen and read the text.

Unsaved Number: Hey gorgeous. Wyd?
Christina: Nothing. Just chilling right now
UN: That sounds a little boring.
UN: I miss you 🙁
Christina: awww. Imy2
UN: when can I see you?
Christina: come pick me up.
Christina: *sends location*
UN: Bet. I’ll be there soon boo

Kaiden shook his head.
“So, this is what we’re doing now?” he asked her.
“You got friends, I got friends too,” Christina smirked.
“See, there’s a HUGE difference in our friends,” Kaiden answered. “My friends are just that… friends. I don’t flirt with them or try to get with them.”

“Why you mad?” Christina questioned.
“Not mad at all,” Kaiden decided it wasn’t worth getting worked up over. “Just don’t feel any kind of way if I actually do text a friend that way.”
“You probably do; you’re always all over the place anyway, so I would never know if you did.”
“Nah, I’m not you,” Kaiden responded to her and rose to his feet.

Kaiden put his phone in his pocket and walked towards the hotel room door.

Christina raced to the door.
“Where are you going?”
“Christina, I’m not about to play this game with you,” Kaiden shook his head.
“I’m not playing a game, baby,” she softened her tone and lowered her voice.

“Christina, move out of my way. Go finish texting your ‘boo’,” Kaiden chuckled. “I’m going to the studio,” he opened the door.

Christina’s past had scarred her and she often wondered why she was this way.
She knew that Kaiden wouldn’t ever do anything to ever hurt her, but she couldn’t help but keep her guard up and give him a rough time because of what happened with Brandon.

“That man is not my boo,” Christina rolled her eyes. “He’s just a friend I met.”
“See, I’m not even tripping,” Kaiden spoke. “You’re going to do what you want to do, regardless of what I have to say about it. So,” Kaiden inhaled, “do it. Go be with him. I’m not going to waste my time being here if you’re on bullshit,” he adjusted his shirt. “I’m going to go get some work done. “

Kaiden opened the door and exited the hotel room.

Christina stood at the door holding her phone as she thought about what Kaiden said to her.
She truly didn’t know why she gave him a hard time and she felt bad in doing so. Maybe it was because of Jordan, maybe it was because of Brandon; perhaps it was her way of keeping her guard up.

Christina’s phone vibrated twice and she looked at the message.

UN: I’m here. Come on down
Christina: No

She locked her phone and returned it to her pocket.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, although Kaiden had left the room.

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