Amerikkkan Hypocrisy (Book 2 – Christian Tate series)

Sometimes, you do all you can to bring about change, and you hope they change for the better… But some things never will.

18 years later, Christian Tate is living through this. After the trial of Benjamin Smith, he’s moved forward and continued to press on. Everything is going great for Christian: he’s continued living, he’s now a lieutenant , he’s running for governor… but all of that changes when he gets a phone call: his son has just fallen victim to an officer-related shooting.

Legally, Christian can’t get involved with the investigation, due to his personal connection, so it makes it that much more difficult for him.

What’s to happen next with Christian after making this discovery? Will things have changed in the justice system since his interaction with Benjamin, or is everything the same, just wearing a different mask?

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Roles Reversed

All is well for Sergeant Christian Tate, that is until he’s called to a scene regarding a suspicious character. On the force for eight years and has never had to shoot-to-kill… until that night.

See what unfolds as Christian has to use his weapon on the young teenager. How does his city react to this? How is an officer of  the law looked at and treated for doing his job? Everything’s going to be okay because he was just doing his job, right?

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