By Any Means Necessary…

“Come on, we have to get this packaged and shipped, like yesterday,” Dmitri spoke.
He walked around and watched as an employee placed a bag on a small scale.
The employee removed the bag and tied a knot and moved it to the side.

“John, what the hell are you doing?” he picked up the bag.
Dmitri waved the bag in his face.
“I said 3 ounces per bag; not 3-and-a-half.”

“My bad, man,” John spoke. “Just getting a little tired, man,” he shook his head slightly.
“Do better,” Dmitri ripped the bag open and put it on the table.

John-John removed the marijuana from the bag and grabbed a new bag.
He slid most of the marijuana into the new bag and reweighed the scale.
He removed it and retied the bag and watch Dmitri walk away.

His phone rang and he answered the call.

“Hello,” he answered.
“Hey Daddy,” his daughter spoke excitedly.
“Hey babe,” he replied.
He pressed mute after speaking.

“Finish this shit,” Dmitri spoke. “We gotta get this shipment out by the end of the day if we expect to get paid,” he clapped his hands. “We’re on a deadline folks and this weed has to be out of here come tomorrow.”

“That’s cute, baby girl. Babe, let me call you back,” John hurried on the phone.
“Okay, Daddy,” she spoke.
“Daddy loves you,” he assured her.
He could hear her smiling.
“I love you, too,” she spoke before hanging up.

As he hung up, the door came flying open, courtesy of a battering ram. Flash-bangs exploded and he heard shouting.
He quickly got down to avoid anything getting in his eyes.

“Get on the ground!” the police shouted. “Police, freeze!”
John put his phone in his pocket and pushed his body off the ground.
“Freeze,” an officer shouted at him.
John ran out of the room and pulled his pants up. He tightened his belt as he fled from the building.

“We got a runner. South end,” he heard the officer report over the radio. He heard the officer running behind him and as he ran outside, he heard sirens quickly approaching.

John ran at top speed and emptied his pockets as he ran.

He dropped small bags of weed as he ran and he heard the sirens getting closer.
His phone rang and he ignored the call.

He hopped a fence and didn’t show any signs of slowing down. He didn’t want to give the police any opportunity to catch up with him.

Dmitri turned the corner and nearly lost his footing, but quickly recovered from his stumble. He breathed heavily as his feet continued to hit the ground; he was desperately trying to get away.

Sirens started to sound more and more distant and so he slowed his run to a walk. As he approached an intersection and waited for the light to change, he saw numerous officers approaching from all angles.

He knew this was it. He had his weapon on him as well as a few small bags of marijuana. Although he was a licensed gun owner and had his concealed carry license, he knew his decision to run forfeited that right.

The officers approached with their weapons aimed and Dmitri put his hands up and got on his knees.

His daughter was on his mind and a tear came to his eye as he thought about her. He knew she would be waiting for her father, and he made the choice to run. He thought about running again, but there were officers at each turn; there was no where left to go.

The officer approached and took Dmitri’s hands and locked them in handcuffs.

“I’m just trying to provide for my daughter,” he silently confessed.

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