State of Emergency

June 2016 – Springfield IL: President Obama has declared a state of emergency for Chicago, IL, due to the increasing murder rate.

“2016 is off to a terrible start in terms of crime, in my own hometown of Chicago. In Just in January alone, there were 292 shooting victims and 51 murders. That’s over half the number of shooting victims in January of 2015, and the murder rate is 75% higher. One month, guys. Seeing as though these numbers have done nothing but increase over the past few months, it is with great sorrow that I have to be here in Springfield making this announcement.

Beginning as early as next week, I have received the ‘OK’ to deploy the National Guard on the streets of Chicago. There will be a mandatory curfew of 11PM every night, for everyone. Safety is our number one priority, and I can not rest at night, knowing that our children are dying every single day to pointless violence.

Little Tyshawn Lee, my heart goes out to his family, but that could have been one of my daughters. This senseless violence has got to end; this is why we’re deploying the national guard and putting this curfew law into effect. Let’s make Chicago a place to be proud of, again. Thank you.”

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