Christina locked eyes with Jordan as he put on his t-shirt.
He glared at her before putting on his Timberland boots.
Her stomach was getting big and, by now, it was no secret to anyone that she was pregnant.
“Damn, look at you,” Jordan chuckled.

“What?” Christina smirked.
Jordan smirked.
“You’re glowing,” he replied. “And I love seeing your glow.”
This was the change that Christina had been waiting on from Jordan, but she was conflicted.

She was now laying with Jordan, still in a relationship with Brandon, and now, the new guy, Kaiden, was in the picture. She wasn’t dating Kaiden, but they’d had a few conversations here and there.
He didn’t know she was pregnant, nor did she know she was involved with two other guys.

“You know you’re the reason for my glow,” Christina spoke to Jordan as she rubbed her stomach.
Jordan crawled into the bed next to her and kissed her on the lips.
“Damn, you really have a little me in your stomach,” he smiled. He gasped softly. “What if they’re twins?” he joked.

“Nope, don’t put that energy in the air,” she chuckled. “The way my bank account is set up, I don’t have the money for all’at.”
Jordan laughed and pulled up a wad of bills.
“I got you, baby girl. As long as I keep moving this weight, you won’t ever have to worry about a thing.”

Christina smiled and looked at the time. 11:11.
“Man, I keep seeing repeating numbers,” she spoke. “Earlier, I had 555 new tweets, I checked my email and saw that I had 777 unread messages, and now it’s 11:11 ,” she suggested.
“Or, it could mean that you’re having numerous children,” Jordan laughed. “But it doesn’t matter. As long as you got me, you’re always going to be taken care of.”
Christina kissed his lips again after admiring him.
“I love you so much,” she spoke softly.
“Love you too, shorty,” Jordan replied.

Jordan looked at his phone and read a text.
“Who’s that, babe?” she questioned.
He shook his head in awe.
“Tina, get up. Hide all this shit,” he jumped up and picked up some of the bags of weed.
Christina rushed and spoke.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” she asked again.
“The feds got the drop on me. Any minute now, they’ll be bursting down that door and if they find the shit, it’s over with,” he put the gun in the trap-door in the floor.

Christina’s heart raced and she felt the baby kick. He could feel her anxiety.
She put her hand on her stomach.
“Don’t just stand there!” Jordan shouted. “Move!”
Christina was in shock at what was happening.
Jordan approached her and moved the bag of weed from the table behind her.
“If you’re not going to help, go!” he shouted to her.
Christina put on her coat and fled from the apartment with tears in her eyes.
She ran down the stairs and leaned against the outside of the building.
As she exited, at least 33 police officers entered the building; all of which were wearing tactical gear and one held a battering ram.

Christina pulled out her phone so they didn’t suspect anything.
Eleven minutes later, a few officers emerged from the building with Jordan in handcuffs.
He shook his head as he saw Christina and a few tears formed in her eyes.
“Man, with the amount of narcotics we just caught you with, shit seems like it could be a wrap for you. You’re looking at doing numbers, man.”
Christina wept silently before walking away.

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