Protecting King Pin…

Kaiden inhaled sharply as he pressed the button on the mixer to speak to Ari in the recording booth.
“Ari, let’s take fifteen. We’ll finish this track later.”
Ari nodded her head in agreement and exited the booth. She approached Kaiden and he held Samantha’s hand.
“I’m going to run to the gas station. Hopefully, they don’t take my parking spot,” she chuckled. “You all want something?”
Kaiden laughed.
“Nah, Ari, I’m good.”
“No, thank you, Ari,” Samantha spoke softly.
Ari exited the room and Kaiden kissed Samantha on the cheek before rising to his feet.
Samantha looked at him with concern.
“You’ve had something on your mind for a while, babe,” she began. “What’s going on?”
Kaiden sighed. “I got a text a while back basically telling me that Jordan was in town.”
“Christina’s ex?” she raised her eyebrow.
“Yeah,” Kaiden remarked. “I’m wondering if I need to rally up the troops in case he tries anything.”
“What could he possibly try?” Samantha joked. “Besides, how is Jordan your concern?”
Kaiden was silent; Samantha never took her eyes off of him.
“This is about Christina, isn’t it?” she questioned.
Kaiden knew this wasn’t the case and pressed a button on the computer.
“Kai, that is all in your past. Even recently, you nearly lost your life because of what’s transpired from HER past. You need to not worry about him and focus on YOUR family.”
Kaiden became frustrated as she spoke.
“Me and Kailyn; that’s where your focus needs to be. I appreciate your concern for her and Isaias, but let Trequan handle that.”
“See, this is why I didn’t say anything,” Kaiden remarked. “This shit isn’t about Christina,” he uttered. “You’re jumping to conclusions without knowing my thoughts.”
“Kaiden, worry about your own family now. Protect us!” she remarked.
“I AM protecting my family!” Kaiden raised his tone. “Jordan once fought me over Christina and Isaias. He showed up to our wedding threatening me, you, and Kailyn,” Kaiden looked over to where he kept his firearm locked away. “And I’m going to do what I have to do to ensure he is handled.”

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